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One of the strongest points of the Giocondi company is the high level of technical assistance offered on all products. In our store, there is always someone ready to give you all the information you might need on the quality and characteristics of a product and the use of the instrument itself. Our team is there for you before and most importantly, after your purchase.
The servicing and repair team is made up of a group of specialized technicians that follow the repair of all instruments. Most repairs can be carried out in our store, although more complex procedures are followed by nearby specialized centers.
In order to speed up the return of your instrument, every week, one of our technicians, personally goes to the specialized repair centers to deliver the damaged instruments and to collect the ones that have been repaired. When the instrument is ready, we will contact you to arrange its collection at the Giocondi store that is more convenient for you.

Piano tuning and repair

Our passion for pianos and our experience in the field has been a distinguishing trait of our company for decades.
Our attention to details and our desire to constantly improve, has led to such a degree of care for sound that the most important piano artists have praised us for it.
Our team offers an efficient technical service on any part of grand pianos, upright pianos, harpsichords and vintage pianos.
Here is a list of some of the interventions that our specialized technicians, regularly perform:
- Intonation and tuning
- Complete action mechanism repair
- Hammers replacement
- Polyester finish
- Sanding and polishing
- Reconstruction of missing parts
- Polyester plastering

Repair and customization of guitars, bass guitars and string instruments

Our team is specialized in the repair of acoustic, classical and electric guitars as well as bass guitars, electric mandolins and string instruments in general.
We can customize any type of guitar or bass guitar. We carry out:
- Pickup replacement
- Complete set-up (truss rod, action, octave…)
- Fret replacement
- Polish
- Reconstruction of missing parts
- Repair of damaged neck
- Order of special parts
Our specialized team of technicians can satisfy any request.

Wind instruments repair

Buying a good quality instrument is important but it is not enough unless you can rely on proper servicing and repair.
Each new wind instrument, whether it is for beginners or for professional use, is carefully inspected for faults. Our expert technicians perform quality controls and fine tuning of the instruments for optimal results. The workshops state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your instrument will get the best care available.

Free loan service

Should an instrument purchased in one of our stores, need long waiting times for repair, we will happily loan you one in the meantime.